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Reclaim Your smile 

it's never too late to receive your best smile 


Reclaiming Your Smile Has Never Been Easier

Beautiful smiles are for everyone no matter what. 

If you are considering changing your smile, don’t settle for average. Patients travel from all over to see Dr. Isaiah Davis Sr. and Dr. John Dingle for cosmetic procedures. Why not get the best results for your dental investment? 

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You don't have to be a celebrity or millionaire to have an amazing smile. We've got your back on your time, on your budget. See you soon!



Patient Spotlight

Service: Full Mouth Restoration

Patient: Ella Allen

"For me they've created a confidence that even I didn't know I was lacking. It took me more than 66 years to get it, so thankful to the team at Davis and Dingle--in particular, Dr. Isaiah Davis."- Ella Allen

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