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Protect your dental Benefits

Use it or Lose it 2017 

Davis and Dingle Family Dentistry

On January 1 2018, your 2017 dental benefits will expire...

Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste.

It's this simple:

Benefits not used by the end of the 2017 plan year are lost. We can help save them. 

Depending on individual needs, with careful planning we can maximize your remaining benefits for 2017, and do the remainder of treatment at the beginning of 2018. Save your benefits, because you work too hard not to.


Patient Spotlight

Service: Full Mouth Restoration

Patient: Ella Allen

"For me they've created a confidence that even I didn't know I was lacking. It took me more than 66 years to get it, but so I'm thankful to the team at Davis and Dingle--in particular, Dr. Isaiah Davis."- Ella Allen

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